4E Races

For those new to the setting, the traditional races of Dark Sun are (Source Book and comments in parenthesis:

  • Human (PHB1) – Just like you or me!
  • Dwarf (PHB1) – Short, gruff and industrious
  • Elf (PHB1) – Nomadic Raiders and Traders, Taller than humans
  • Half-Elf (PHB1) – Usually live with Humans
  • Mul (DSCG) – aka Half-Dwarf, Bred as slaves and gladiators
  • Goliath (PHB2) – formerly Half-Giant’s though now more stone oriented, slightly smaller, and less fat and dumb
  • Halflings (PHB1) – Crazed little cannibals
  • Thi-kreen (DSCG) – bug-men, live in tribes, sometimes associate with human society for trade
  • Eladrin (PHB1) – High Elves, but given a new unknown role in DS
  • Githzerai (PHB3) – just refered to as Gith in DS, usually are pirates and raiders
  • Dragonborn (PHB1) – Draconic Men, Are being used to replace the Dray in the DS setting

Your other 4E player races are as follows (not including those only in MM1-2, as they are poorly supported as PC’s):

  • Tiefling (PHB1) – Human cursed by demons/devils
  • Deva (PHB2) – Immortal incarnations of angels, not sure how they’d fit into DS
  • Gnome (PHB2) – fey trickster illusionists
  • Half-Orc (PHB2) – Brutish offsping of humans and orcs
  • Shifter (PHB2) – Longtooth and Razorclaw varieties, look like feral, slightly wolfish humans
  • Minotaur (PHB3) – Bull-men, brutish, tribal, and about the same size as Goliaths
  • Shardmind (PHB3) – Living Crystals, Very Adept at psionics due to their origin
  • Wilden (PHB3) – tree-men, favor primal classes
  • Drow (FRPG) – Dark-elves, usually evil sadists, or gay emo rangers
  • Gensai (FRPG &DragMag#380) – Elemental toughed Humanss, flavors include: Earthsoul, Firesoul, Stormsoul, Watersoul, and Windsoul from FRPG, Causticsoul, Cindersoul,Plaguesoul, and Voidsoul from DragMag#380
  • Warforge (EPG) – Sentient Robots
  • Changeling (EPG) – Shapeshifters capable of changing their features to impersonate others

Source Book Abbreviations:

PHB1-3 = Player’s Handbook 1,2,or 3

EPG = Eberron Player’s Guide

FRPG = Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide

DSCG = Dark Sun Campaign Guide

DragMag# = Dragon Magazine Issue ###

4E Races

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