4E Classes

In D&D 4E Classes are distinguished by their power source, and by their role). The power source is where a character calls his abilities from such as the magical arts (Arcane), or discipline military training (Marshal).

The power sources include:

  • Arcane – Magic
  • Divine – The Gods – Not allowed in 4E because there are no gods to worship
  • Marshal – Physical Training
  • Primal – Nature
  • Psionic – The Mind
  • Shadow – The Shadowfell

The classes role is a general descriptor of how the class operates on the battlefield. Class roles include:

  • Controller – Manipulates the enemy or battlefield at range by area and zone effects hitting multiple targets
  • Defender – Frontline melee combatant designed to take alot of damage and draw the enemies attention away from softer targets
  • Leader – Heals and Buffs the party while, debuffing enemies, can be ranged or melee
  • Striker – Sacrifices resilience for speed and/or high damage per round

Current 4E Classes (Roles C-Controller, D-Defender, L-Leader, S-Striker) by power source are as follows:

  • Arcane: Artificer (L-EPG), Bard (L-PHB2), Sorcerer (S-PHB2), Swordmage (D-FRPG), Warlock (S-PHB1), Wizard (C-PHB1)
  • Divine: Avenger (S-PHB2), Cleric (L-PHB1), Invoker (C-PHB2), Paladin (D-PHB1), Rune Priest (L-PHB3)
  • Marshal: Fighter (D-PHB1), Ranger (S-PHB1), Rogue (S-PHB1), Warlord (L-PHB1)
  • Primal: Barbarian (S-PHB2), Druid (C-PHB2), Seeker (C-PHB3), Shaman (L-PHB2), Warden (D-PHB2)
  • Psionic: Ardent (L-PHB3), Battlemind (D-PHB3), Monk (S-PHB3), Psion (C-PHB3)
  • Shadow: Assassin (S-DragMag#379)

Source Book Abbreviations:

PHB1-3 = Player’s Handbook 1,2,or 3

EPG = Eberron Player’s Guide

FRPG = Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide

DSCG = Dark Sun Campaign Guide

DragMag# = Dragon Magazine Issue ###

4E Classes

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