Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Character should be initally created at 1st level using any official 4th Edition rules and mechanics that are currently available in the Character Builder program. This includes any official 4e races, classes, and so forth available in the Dark Sun setting.
  • One exception to the above: Use hybrid classes or multi-classing will require proper back story and a really good reason. They’re usually just taken for meta-gaming/min-max reasons and don’t really serve much purpose beyond that.
  • Players should use the standard point buy system to create characters. Player may customize this using the point-build options presented in the PHB and available in the CB.
  • Do not use any of the backgrounds presented in the CB, we will be using Dark Sun Themes instead. Appropriate additional bonuses may be awarded to players by the DM based on their backstory.
  • Gold allowances and item purchasing will be done based on Dark Sun Setting guidelines if they differ from those in the PHB.
  • Players should have a short write up for what their character looks like and one for their character’s backstory/history that is thematically appropriate for the Dark Sun Setting.
  • Characters should be made using the latest version of the Character Builder program. If someone does not have access to the Character Builder, they can send a character in via other means so it can be added to the CB by the DM.
  • The DM can provide minis for all player characters from his collection. If you have your own you are welcome to use it. It should be in the 25mm (1 inch) format, and be an appropriate representation of your character.

Backup Character Rules:

  • Backup Characters should be the same level as your current char.
  • If it is the same race, it should be a different role (defender, striker, etc.).
  • If it a different race it shouldn’t be the same class (rogue, warlock, etc), but a class with the same role is fine.
  • Do not use the standard equipment buying rules. You may select the same number of magic items and types as your current character had at his death, and equivalent mundane equipment and money. Magic item selection is subject to DM approval.

So if you’re playing a dwarf fighter with a magic sword and magic helmet right now you can play a dwarf rogue with a magic dagger and circlet, but not a dwarf swordmage with magic armor and boots, but you could play a elf swordmage with magic sword and crown. Let the DM know if you need help.

Character Creation

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