Tag: Slave


  • Rikus

    Rikus was a mul gladiator slave in Tyr, owned by High Templar Tithian. He rose to fame by throwing the Heartwood Spear that pierced Sorcerer-King Kalak's heart and dooming the king to death. Rikus is now embroiled in Tyrian politics as the General of …

  • Sadira

    A former Slave owned by High Templar Tithian, and secret member of the Veiled alliance. Sadira used powerful magics to breech the arcane forcefield protecting King Kalak during the games, allowing Rikus to strike him with the Heartwood Spear, spelling …

  • Neeva

    Neeva, a former slave and gladiator owned by High Templar Tithian, now freed after her partner Rikus killed King Kalak.