Tag: Human


  • Tithian

    Formerly High Templar to Sorcerer-King Kalak, Tithian conspired against him with his friend Agis of Asticles and to slaves Sadira and Rikus to assassinate the king. After the assassination was successful, Tithian took the thrown and in his first decree …

  • Agis

    Agis of Asticles is a human Noble of Tyr. After become=ing involved with the Veiled Alliance he became a key figure in overthrowing Sorcerer-King Kalak

  • Jovan

    Jovan is an elderly, yet powerful sorceror working for the Veiled Alliance. As part of his mention, he intentionally let himself be captured and put into the slave pits, intending to use the guise of working on the ziggurat in order to place a powerful …

  • Neeva

    Neeva, a former slave and gladiator owned by High Templar Tithian, now freed after her partner Rikus killed King Kalak.