Dark Sun: A New Dawn

Session 15

Of sand, blood, and time

Burke Suntouched informed the Brotherhood of the Sun that Jovan escaped Tyr and went to Freedom, a village of freed slaves 100-150 miles from Dragon’s Horns (2-3 days journey). It’s been roughly 3 weeks since the Brotherhood of the Sun raided the war wagon. At the Dragon’s Horns gnoll camp, one gnoll was left alive after the battle.

The Brotherhood of the Sun interrogate him and learn that he’s heard of Freedom. He knows it’s not on any major trade routes, the gnolls don’t know much beyond where they raid. They continue to interogate, intimidating him into revealing and extra cache of survival days, giving 9 total for the group. When they are finished with the gnoll they slaughter and butcher him, gaining 2 more survival days. No one is particularly interested in consuming the gnoll flesh, but alas that’s survival in Athas.

Mishka speaks up and has a better sense of where Freedom is located; she estimates 10 days by foot from the cross roads to Tyr. Balderdash knows of a dwarven village of Kled. It’s approximately 2-3 days walk from Dragon’s Horns to the cross roads, another 2-3 days to Kled, and the 3-5 to Freedom. The Brotherhood of the Sun packs and departs in the morning for the crossroads.

The companions encounter what appears to be the charred remains of a large battle wagon. It’s been sitting for at least 2 weeks, perhaps lost in the journey from Urik to Tyr at the start of the war. Someone from the party hears noise coming from inside the ruined husk of the massive war wagon. The Brotherhood attempt to sneak into the wagon but are spotted and they hear a Thrikreen call to warn an unknown number of enemies. As the group fights their way into the wagon, they realize the familiarity of this wagon. They spot the iron sarcophagus within the inner chamber of the wagon. This is the very wagon they themselves raided.

The fight is difficult, initially appearing to be a band of Thrikreen scavenging alone, the companions realize they are controlled by a large insect with powerful psionics. Much blood was spilled and in fact at times the tide looked grim; members of the Brotherhood were possessed for moments by the insect before they were able to overpower their foes. Balderdash bravely fought his way into the middle of the fray, having been nearly killed twice in the battle, and was integral to the group recovering.

After the battle, the Brotherhood of the Sun decide to open the sarcophagus. Inside they see what appears to be a noxious black iccor and cob webs lining the container. After some inspection, they find one level 8 magic item and pry 2 500gp gems from the lid of the sarcophagus. Further inspection of the crates that remain in the reckage of the massive wagon they find 3 healing fruits, 150 gold, and 12 survival days.

The group collects themselves and renew their trek toward the crossroads. They have a decision to make: head north-northwest at the crossroads toward Tyr or north to Freedom. Felegar notices that the caravan tracks lead away from Tyr toward the south-southeast. The group knows they do not want to head back into the war zone at Tyr, and begin their journey toward Freedom.

After some time, they enter a clearing of boulders and brush and see a man in a black cloak standing before them, some distance away. The man speaks, “Brotherhood of the Sun, your interference has become cumbersome. Destroy them.” As he speaks those last words, light shoots from his hands and rocks to the left of the group come alive, forming into a massive rock elemental. Two additional creatures appear from pits of sand, rising out of the ground. The cloaked man vanishes into a portal. The Brotherhood fight well and as the salamander-like fire elementals are turned to ash and the rock elemental returns to inanimate stone.

They continue on their journey to the freed slave village of Freedom …



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