Dark Sun: A New Dawn

Session 14

Mischka is about 4 days ride away from Alturak, south/south-east of Tyr.

The group resupplies, buying arrows, survival days, etc. Chunkra has disappeared, but the companions are eager to get on the road so they depart without him.

They set out in the morning into the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes, passing dune after dune.

Out on the fringes of the outside of the Alluvial Wastes, the companions take a less travelled path that the Sun Touched had given them advice to try.

As they pass a dune with foliage, their innex is nervous, Felegar takes a moment to gather his sense to the situation and the sand appears to be shifting to the left side of the cart. He alerts his companions, but it’s too late. A moment later one of the wheels of the cart sinks into the sand and two undead looking humanoids rise from the sand where Felegar saw the shifting sands.

In the heat of the battle, their cart and innex are chased away by a pack of hyenna.

They continue on foot for a day and a half, bruised and feeling defeated after losing their cart and innex.

Delayed start == bloodied in the first round

After an EXHAUSTIVE battle, Aetheran runs to Mischka, tearful enbrace, long passionate kiss. He unlocks his love and the chest inside the main camp.

There is one bow, a bunch of handaxes, 3 survival days among the various containers.

Level 9 magic item, about 600 gp worth of gems and gold. There also a case of 8 (10 if we get another player) potions of unidentifiable type. Mishka tells us that they use the potions to turn themselves into a more humanoid form. They managed to trick her into thinking they were longtooth shifters using the potions.

Suntouched mentioned that Jovan might be able to help us out with the shapeshifting needs.



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