Dark Sun: A New Dawn

Session 13 - Tavern Showdown

Greedo shot first . . .

Upon entering Alturak, the companions are approached by a wild-eyed dwarf by the name of Burke Sun-Touched. He indicates that he has some knowledge of Kalak being still alive somehow, and that he has moved on to “the next stage”. For a couple of gold, he joins them at a bar called “Kreen Korners”. They procure a room and go upstairs with their crystalline companion. In the tavern, it is revealed to them that he is actually a member of the Veiled Alliance, and is acquainted with Jovan. He was given an assignment to give us help and information. They find out that Tyr is still under siege, with their army weakened and split. A large number of former slaves have actually gone on the offensive. Jovan fled to the city of Freedom, which was formed shortly after the fall of the sorceror king. Burke tells Atharien that a female shifter was inquiring after him, and has since left the city with others that claimed that they were also shifters, but he isn’t convinced of that – they may have a means of changing their appearance, which could help the Companions with their infiltration of Bodach. They supposedly were heading for the Dragon’s Horn.

When returning to the room, they find Chunkra standing over the crystalline form, hanging his own crystal over it. Both are glowing. Chunkra then mutters a phrase in an unknown language, and the crystalline form glows very brightly, and then dissolves, leaving a humanoid being there. He freaks out scurries to a corner and asks who they are and how he got there. He does recognize Balderdash but is unsure why. He calls him Arzakon. His last recollection of being outside in a city, running from something. He agrees to join the Companions in order to eventually get back to the Oracle and ask it questions about himself.

They go back downstairs in order to go shopping, and find that most of the inn’s regular patrons seem to have vacated the premises . . . and lo and behold, their old friend the Taurek shaman just happened to be having a drink downstairs with some compatriots. The expected outcome was realized . . . at the end of the battle, Arzakon removed his shirt, revealing a mark on his chest in the shape of a six-fingered hand. He then uses this marking to intimidate the authorities into letting him leave the inn. The rest of the party offers up a donation to the yearly Alturak Guard’s Ball, and are able to leave.



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